Where The Healing Starts

The baby cries. The baby cries loudly. Why?If the baby does not cry upon arriving in this world there could be a problem! There could in fact be a huge problem.

As a result, affected individuals will experience limitation in personally assisting his or herself

The baby could be dead upon being delivered. Oh no!Oh YES! A baby delivered dead at birth is definitely a huge loss to parents and extended family. This is popularly referred to as a still birth.He, she or if there are more than one must not necessarily be welcomed initially to this world with a smile, gifts, a home or dollars to secure the enormous cost associated with living healthy and well. No, these great benefits of smiles, joy, gifts are not the most essential initial and immediate priority upon arrival to this world.The child’s life is the greatest priority that is to be cherished, valued, appreciated and celebrated. It is the child’s life; the (breath of life) gift that matters and that life must be confirmed to the child and to his or her parents by cries sounding, cry of joy.So slap that baby, make that baby cry if he or she does not cry.

And, especially the poor and needy are targets for the government as they are the grassroots of the society

This action is vital to welcome the baby to this world. Therefore, do not call the police or the Child Care Agency because of a sharp pain or multiple slaps inflicted by a doctor, midwife or other is deemed necessary.Therefore, from the day you and I were born we will continue to feel pain and we will cry. Feelings, cries and pains confirm life within and among the living. Needless to say, the dead cannot feel pain so individuals who cry must all cry aloud upon entering this world.Why? Why? Why?Really, why should we have to cry upon coming into this world? Simply, in order to live our lives among the living requires crying and our airway has to be clear to do so.

Meanwhile, some rich people are choosing to waste foods and goods rather than to give to the needy and destitute

The baby’s airway is the means to breathing and communicating his or her voice and sounds of life. Fundamentally, we will always have a reason to cry in this world as human beings. Grieves, pains, loss, frustration, betrayal, disappointments, families, friends and other sorts of life events and circumstances will cause us to cry and cry and cry!Surely, a picture can say a thousand words. Meanwhile, a picture can portray a beautiful looking portrait of a newborn’s in his loving mother’s arm. Her smiles may be joyously represented but inside her body she endures great pains associated with the child’s delivery. Despite the pains the mother celebrates her child’s birth with gladness as she requires healing to start. As a result, she strives to recover in an effort to gain strength to care for her child, husband and self.Although, we live in advanced modern day times mothers can potentially lose their lives pre child birth and during child birth without proper medical attention or midwife care. Furthermore, pregnancy and child birth affects women’s body in various ways involving hormonal changes and other. And some mothers may develop various illnesses such as high blood pressure and other. God knows mothers are very special individuals who sacrifice and care for their children. For this reason mothers are valued and appreciated all over the world for who they are and what they do for their offspring.Needless to say, fathers are important and necessary in the conception of the child and it is the fathers who determine the sex of the child. Furthermore, fathers are equally responsible for supporting, rearing and guiding their child or children to adulthood. Most supportive, loving and caring fathers tend to also feel empathy and heartache pain for their wives pains and sufferings pre, during and post-delivery. Meanwhile, the baby will continue to cry upon being brought home. The baby will cry for various reasons including: hunger, wetness, gas pain and other accordingly. Surely, the baby will cry and cry continually in an effort to communicate his or her needs to parents and caregivers until he or she can communicate via verbal communication.Human beings should clearly recognize that we must all cry as human beings upon entering this world. Everyone must surely feel pain and be vulnerable to emotional, physical or mental pain throughout their lifetime. Needless to say, human beings cannot avoid pain and thus will always require healing to start in their heart, body, mind and soul repeatedly. This is the true essence and nature of human existence. Therefore, it is very important to recognize that although other people lives may seem picture perfect and void of pain and sufferings it definitely is not so.Fundamentally, we validate that we are living creations with real feelings that are important to our survival, wellbeing and welfare. Our feelings involve our heart and out of our very hearts are the issues of life, according to the bible. Someone said “We are married to our preferences”. Yes, we are! It’s our heart’s desires that we seek. Human beings are connected to their feelings via thoughts and thoughts via actions. And every action sets in motion series of domino effects in progress continually. Can you imagine how many domino effects are actively in progress to date including past and current people’s action?Consequently, feelings drives human being as human being drives their societies globally. Feelings are very real and important to people’s lives involving survival instincts and moods. Moreover, feelings are associated with sensory and neural impulses which transmit messages to the brain and spinal cord. However, in the event that the human body should experience injury or accidental damage of the nervous system it slowly may repair itself; if at all possible depending on the location of damage in the brain or spinal cord. As a result, human beings need to continually exercise caution while being diligent regarding protection of their body and bodily parts. Above all, prevention is of uttermost consideration in avoiding unnecessary harm to oneself as human beings are precious and priceless commodities.Without a doubt, injury or damage to the brain or spinal cord may contribute to physical and mental disabilities and challenges. Also, injury or damage of the brain and spinal cord may contribute to loss of motor function. As a result, affected individuals will experience limitation in personally assisting his or herself. Plus, deterioration of standard of living will be affected.Life exist within the scope of human beings feelings. These feelings can be potent, disturbed, bitter, angry, mad, confused, happy, sad, excited and other. Healing operates effectively when an individual strives to cope, control and manage his or hers feelings positively. Plus, having support and support system to assist individuals during severe challenges contributes to effective means of healing and recovery.Again, feelings and management of feelings are very important as they stimulate optimal healing processes in the cells of the body along with well-balanced food, water and peaceful atmosphere. Certainly, healing cannot readily be effective among individuals existing or coexisting in long term prolonged unhealthy lifestyles and relationships. It is not beneficial to an individual’s wellbeing and welfare to continue to live with internal and external negative conflicts consisting of fear, bitterness, forgiveness issues, increased stress, poverty, poor nutrition and other.Walls will come falling down if not built well among individuals and families as the foundation of life is built on finances involving cost associated with buying and selling. It is very unhealthy when individuals experience prolonged financial hardship. Prolonged financial hardship may contributes to disturbed feelings, uncertainties, anxieties, infections, mood disorders, depression, high blood pressure, over eating, obesity, alcoholism and other. For this cause the phrase “take it easy” and “take care of yourself” is used daily locally and globally among people.Wow, people tend to look wide eyed while lusting or appreciating hot looking gorgeous bodies of good looking people. However, all people including beautiful people, celebrities and adorable children are susceptible and vulnerable to injuries, illnesses, accidents, and unforeseen circumstances and other. Therefore, they will require healing to start from time to time throughout their lives. Yet, those who are most vulnerable to illnesses and disease are poor people and most of the people in this world are poor.Today’s poor people living in modern times experience an array of diverse factors contributing to chronic illnesses and diseases not limited to: homelessness, travelling and relocating. Contributing stressors may involve income and breech of matrimonial contract with negative domino effect in progress in people’s including children daily lives. Other contributing stressor are not limited to: disloyalty, worrying, break down of societal morals and ethics, lack of problem solving skill techniques, lack of money management skills, poor coping skills and high cost of living. Furthermore, other contributing stressors involves: lack of medical coverage insurance, lack of knowledge, lack of prioritizing and lack of adequate nutrition.Adequate nutrition is essential in the optimal functioning of human beings bodies and minds as the human body is complex involving: systems, organs, tissues, blood, cells, arteries, veins and other. Plus, the human body constantly strives to maintain equilibrium. Equilibrium involves a state of balance and is very important, necessary and vital for humans to feel a sense of balance in their lives. Being balance contributes to feelings of vitality and wellbeing. And, when equilibrium is disturbed by prolonged emotional crisis or mental upsets multiple illnesses may occur and manifest within the body requiring healing to start.Healing keeps us alive and it is very important that the body be continually supplied with the nutrients and other needed to prevent deficiencies, weakened immune system, autoimmune disorder and imbalances. The body’s job is to strive optimally to heal us divinely by means of the body’s immune system. And, every life form especially human beings will experience the need for repeated healings throughout their lifetime. However, the biggest problem is not appreciating the wonders of healing as many people take healing for granted similarly to air, food, family friends and water. On the other hand, professional disciplines and industries do not take healing for granted. They are in-tuned with immediate, short and long term healing requirement among human beings in communities. Consequently, they establish lucrative healing professions and businesses not limited to: Nursing, Physician, Medical, Pharmaceutical, clinics, health care facilities and others.Healing ourselves is a multi-trillion dollar industry per annum and growing that creates employment for our societies globally. Therefore, let us take a look at several factors that causes injuries. One of the biggest and well known contributing factors of injury among humans involves accidents and domestic situations. Injuries may result from high risk behaviors, car accidents, workplace accidents, airplanes accidents, natural disasters, in home accidents, public accidents and other. Again, healings can be gradual and can potentially start at any time when the body is supplied with optimal nutrients, remedy, medicines and a peaceful environment to facilitate the healing process. Interestingly, the body was amazingly created to heal and healthy bodies are well equipped to heal itself naturally or aided with treatment and therapy. However, each of us differ and at different times require different aspect of healing to start accordingly.Required healing involves: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical healing as deemed necessary and as afflicted. Realistically, it is insightful to note that disease is a normal process occurring over time in the lives of individuals who are susceptible or prone to. Some individuals are born with a particular disease while others are predisposed to developing an illness or multiple illnesses and diseases associated with their DNA. Therefore, it is accurate to understand that the disease process can be active or inactive. When a disease is inactive it is considered to be begnin (non-cancerous). However, when a disease is active and cancerous it is considered to be malignant. It is interesting to note that diseases are active upon their onset. Many factors may trigger the onset of disease process especially lifestyle, environment, lack of sleep and food choices. When diseases are active they can easily and readily spread to other organs and cause severe problems and complications including death.Some illnesses and diseases are often manifested slowly within the human body and are caused by stress, pollution, and environmental factors and other. There are different stages of the disease process and stress is on the radar of danger affecting the human body especially prolonged severe stress and stressors such as loss of a loved one. Stress can be a silent killer at times and many may underestimate how serious stress can be while others fully understand its effect and may try to stress individuals to madness or death. Individuals may die immediately by shock or eventually by long term process pending severity of its effects or response.Alongside stress, diet, pollution, family history, environmental factors contributes to development of the different stages of illness includes: the onset stage, middle stage and malignant stage. The malignant stage is cancerous and can be a terminal stage if the body does not respond to treatment upon being diagnosed. The disease process accumulates over a period of time therefore, it is important to maintain consistent optimal health via meal planning and regular exercise. Indeed, an individual’s action matters collectively over time as it normally requires time to be affected by illness or disease.Again, stress no doubt is a major contributing factor involved in the disease process. Contributing stressors in the disease process includes: environmental, noise, jealousy, domestic, unemployment, poverty, anxiety, heavy workload, loss of loved ones, tragedy, natural disasters, negative emotional thoughts, depression, worrying and other. And today, we are witnessing mysterious diseases. Furthermore, some people today in modern day are developing up to six forms of cancers in their body causing death.Therefore, it is essential to note what contributing factors predispose people to wounds, illnesses, diseases, autoimmune disorders and other in order to recognize where the healing starts. Major contributing factors are not limited to: lack of morals and ethical values, lack of integrity, poor governing of one’s country, family dynamic, pollution, poverty, wars, environment, stress, jealousy, maliciousness, marriage breakdown, unemployment and other. Fortunately, there are enough resources in this world to assist in the day to day operation and survival of the basic unit of society which is the family. There are many parents, guardian, teachers, preachers, guidance counsellors, marriage counselors yet, many have become deeply way ward, selfish and are immune to wrong doings, disorder and carelessness. Such behaviours are excused by the popular phrase of if it feels good do it.Certainly, they put Jesus Christ on a cross despite him doing good, healing them, healing their sick, doing great miracles and raising their dead. What will the people do to you? Where will your healing start today? The baby has to start crying upon birth for all that is to come in his or her life. Slap that baby and make that baby cry is initially where the healing starts? The scriptures tells us that light has come into the world but men love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil. “Deliver us from evil” is a part of the famously quoted Lord’s prayer which is significant to consider.Where the healing starts clearly suggest you save yourself as you must strive to be diligent among people including: family, friends and the government. The bible refers to Jesus who represents atonement for everyone’s sin if you believe in Jesus Christ, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder.” The government is upon every one’s shoulder by means of tax collection. And, especially the poor and needy are targets for the government as they are the grassroots of the society. In addition, we can be sure of two things in this world which are death and taxes.Indeed, this world has an abundance of resources including: taxpayer’s money, food and water supply to feed the poor and the world at large however, the poor does not readily have access to much of such abundance. As a result, the poor is often challenged in accessing adequate housing, education, clean air, clean water medicine, hygienic supplies, basic human needs and other for their welfare and wellbeing. Today, yesterday and since the beginning of time many poor people are living meagrely or poorly. Many individuals can barely exist while others have an abundance to eat and enjoy. Truly to live do not really mean an individual is alive fully and holistically. Meanwhile, some rich people are choosing to waste foods and goods rather than to give to the needy and destitute.Yes, yes and yes, there is no doubt that the poor’s individual’s predicament may remain grave and the poor man’s life may always be disadvantaged and at risk in every country where poor people lack. However, no condition is permanent and the coin may flip with the rich becoming poor and poor becoming rich. Surely, poverty is weapon causing lack, havoc and repeated crisis for poor people and most people do not gladly embrace it. Many poor people are refusing and rejecting poverty and will do whatever is deemed necessary to get out of poverty including: securing a formal education, employment opportunities, business opportunities, robbing, fraud, killing and other. Imagine countries which at former times were wealthy countries however, have been raped and robbed of resources and, today remain in ruins contrary to past days of glory, vibrancy and splendor. Today, many of such countries experience famines or severe lack of basic resources as a result, of past British Colonial domino effects in progress. Meanwhile, greedy unfit leaders govern brutally and corrupt.The gospel truth celebrates us uniquely and differently. And at different times we will require different areas of healing to start accordingly. Consider a person within a family in need of another family member’s blood for life saving surgery yet their blood group may differ. Required healings are extremely different involving: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical healing as deemed necessary.Some employed people are working yet their incomes are minimum paying incomes. As a result, they barely are able to live from pay checks to pay checks or pay checks to pay day loans. Others may have to rely on borrowing from friends, family or others. Such people are considered by Sociologist to be the “WORKING POOR”. And some poor people are committing crimes to survive including stealing for their families and others to assist their survival.Pampers, baby foods, adult foods and other related basic needs are regular theft items from local department stores, shopping plazas and malls. Some seniors are also stealing at local grocery stores in an effort to survive. Other seniors can be seen at local MacDonald restaurants gladly drinking their free coffee while, some share a small hamburger among other seniors. Fries, can they afford fries? It is much too expensive on pension income as an extra food item to eat or share. No way, to purchasing of extra fries or apple pie with that order. It is simply out of the question. So,no thank you there will not be any fries added to many senior’s meals.Certainly, it is most unfortunate the daily challenges the poor encounters including: children, orphans, and widows, unemployed, sick, veterans, mentally ill, physically challenged, single parent family and working poor. Consequently, scholars from higher learning institutions and formal learning institutions have studied the effects poverty has on the poor families and have documented results accordingly. They have unlimited supplies of documented facts and figures about the poor; their communities including some of the country’s poorest neighborhoods. Learned professional individuals are knowledgeable regarding poor people’s circumstances and are able to do much harm with such knowledge ironically.No wonder the most effective Healer, Jesus Christ of all times lived a poor man’s life in an effort to identify with most of the world’s population who were poor, needy, destitute and requiring healing to start, during his time on earth. Consequently, Jesus Christ stated in the New Testament as follow: “The poor you will always have with you.” He also told them that he had come that they might have life and more abundantly however, many misunderstood Jesus Christ mission which was primarily about his healing ministry and not religion.Somehow, he was sensibly in-tuned with the predicament of the poor short and long term and had great compassion and empathy towards their illnesses and diseases. Fundamentally, he understood that his above statement was a true representation of the majority of the world’s global population then and in future to come.The poor are also those who lack knowledge, wisdom and understanding of where healing starts as he said life does not consist of the abundance of things an individual possess. February, 2012, thousands of years later (AD) after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the greatest Healer; the poor is with us in many ways indulging in ignorance of not fully knowing where the healing starts. Therefore, they will always be needing healing to start in their minds and bodies.Written by: Jennifer RobertsCopyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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