Travel to Lihyan – Your Authentic Syrian Experience

Travel to Lihyan in Saudi Arabia is an experience of a lifetime. It is a magnificent country with some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world. The stunning scenery is made even more spectacular by the quiet little town of Lihyan hidden in the mountains. Lihyan sits at the foot of Mt. Kaharat.


Lihyan is a popular travel destination for those who enjoy hiking and trekking due to the wonderful views and unique landscape. There are many hiking tracks to follow along the 2,000-mile long mountain trails. You will also find a number of lodges dotted around the quaint little town of Lihyan which are perfect to spend the night. One of the main attractions in the area is the mountain resort of Jeddah. Jeddah is the second largest city in the kingdom and it offers a wide variety of activities including the famous Al Hajar Mountains which have climbing routes, sand dunes and desert trails.


In the earlier years of this country’s history the people were keen travellers. They travelled to every corner of the country and sought out the best sites for themselves and their property. The architecture in Lihyan is different to other cities in the region with a focus on the original Islamic culture that originated from the country’s inception. One can see the grand Jeddah Mosque as well as the Madinat Jumeriah Mosque, built by the legendary Muhammed Ali. There is also a small but intriguing museum called the Al-Wasi Culture Museum that features works of some of the local artists and offers information about the lifestyle and tradition in Lihyan and the surrounding areas.


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The Madinat Jumeriah Mosque, built in 1491, is the oldest mosque in Jiddah. It offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the city from inside. The Al-Wasi Culture Museum is also a great place to take in the history of this fascinating part of Jiddah. There are several museums in Jiddah and throughout the country. Each one is different and has its own distinct style that you will enjoy.


The people who live in Lihyan are very proud of their heritage and the heritage of their home city. During the day you can take in the stunning sight of the sand dunes, whilst sitting amongst them. At night there are activities to participate in including foot and camel rides in the desert, a funfair and camel ride through the various towns in the area, traditional games and more. If you want to stay at a hotel that provides all the modern facilities you can stay in Jiddah, which has the perfect mix of accommodation and luxury.


There is a popular holiday park called the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is a great destination if you wish to travel to Lihyan. You will find here all the elements that make up a wonderful holiday: wildlife, water and ancient architecture. There is even a restaurant there that serves many types of cuisine from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and Egyptian. It is open all the time so come during the low season and enjoy the fun!

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